Music Review: Dirty Bourbon River Show


In the band’s self-proclaimed first show ever, The Dirty Bourbon River Show gave fans a one-of-a-kind performance March 11 at Tipitina’s.

Noah Adams, music industry business junior (on vocals, guitar, piano and harmonica) led the Loyola student-filled band, which included music composition sophomore Jethro “Chocolate Tender” Celestin on the bass; music business sophomore Dane “Bootsy” Schindler on the drums; music performance freshman Charles “Big Charlie” Skinner serving as the emcee; jazz studies sophomore Wayne “The Renaissance Man” Mitchell on saxophone, clarinet and guitar; and music performance freshman Hisham “The Shaman” Alzoukaimi on violin.

The band played New Orleans classic, “St. James Infirmary” a couple of songs in, giving the song new vitality. The bass was laid thick while the drummer cradled his cymbals, but it was Mitchell, who played a smooth solo on saxophone, that polished the song’s tone. Adams was raunchy on vocals, singing with an old time feel that paid tribute to those who sang it before him.
The Show’s version of “American Landscape” seemed more like a modern-day jam than “St. James Infirmary” as the band trailed off on the silkier rock vocals, allowing the instrumentals to become the song. Celestin played lightly, but was still innovative on the bass. Adams, and then Mitchell, then played heavier solos on guitar.

The band’s rendition of “Ain’t No Place (Like New Orleans)” included a New Orleans styled saxophone, less drumming and the dirtiest vocals of the night which got the crowd cheering for an encore as the band stepped off stage. To rile the crowd further, Skinner, who had been telling jokes between each song, called for more and more noise.

The Dirty Bourbon River Show played an impressive debut, but the band’s freshness and the lack of live shows, lack of band member practice time and a cautious approach hindered the bands potential. Still, keep an eye on this band because, in time, that caution will only lead to professionalism and the band will only get better.

The Dirty Bourbon River Show will be performing at Satchmo’s on March 20 and at Loyola’s Battle of the Bands on March 27.

Garrett Cleland can be reached at [email protected]