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    Presidential hopeful Ron Paul has enlisted the help of Loyola professor Walter Block in securing the Republican nod

    Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul recently chose Loyola economics professor and long-time friend Walter Block as his scholar-adviser for his campaign.

    Block has been friends with Paul since 1967. Over the years, Block and Paul have been involved in many programs together, and have given speeches together. When Paul asked Block to be his economics adviser, he accepted without hesitation.

    “When he started running, I guess I was one of the people that he would naturally consider on his side, (as someone) knowledgeable about economics,” Block said.

    Block’s role is unofficial, but he gives advice via e-mail to Paul’s campaign staff and his congressional staff. Block has also written and published open letters to Paul.

    As a libertarian, Paul’s ideas for economic policy have included the idea of free enterprise. Block says free enterprise is the idea of giving businesses the opportunity to make money and trade with other countries without governmental monitoring or control.

    Block also said Paul is a strong supporter of the gold standard – a system of defining units in their value in gold, which also entails the free exchange of gold into currency.

    Although Block is a good friend of Paul’s, he does not agree with him on every policy. He is nonetheless delighted to support him.

    “I don’t agree with him on everything,” Block said. “But that’s the way friends are sometimes.”

    Block said that for a while, the Libertarian movement existed in obscurity, and up until now has not had a strong following.

    Many college students across the country, including some at Loyola, are in strong support of the Paul campaign and the Libertarian movement.

    Block said that he does not truly know why so many young adults are in strong support of Paul and Libertarianism. He thinks that young people agree with the idea of personal liberties without government interference.

    “He’s a doctor – and he’s cured their political indolence, their political disinterest,” Block said.

    In the past, most college-age students have supported liberal candidates. Block said this time around it’s different. He thinks young people find it refreshing for a Republican candidate to be for free trade and against the War in Iraq.

    As the Paul presidential campaign continues to move forward, Block is sure he will continue to have a role in the Paul campaign.

    “As time goes on, if he comes to New Orleans, I will actively be involved,” Block said.

    Paul has been a member of the U.S. Congress for more than 20 years. He is an obstetrician/gynecologist by profession.

    Paul has been a leader in the country’s Libertarian movement, a political faction founded in 1971. Libertarians advocate free trade, free economy, non-interventionism and personal liberties.

    Jauné Jackson can be reached at [email protected].

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