Haunted houses are meant for fun and not for protesting

Kaitlyn O'Connor

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Halloween is approaching so that means it’s time for haunted houses, which are sometimes surrounded by protestors. If you want to avoid being badgered by fanatics carrying crosses and yelling about how you’re a bad person, go to the haunted houses later in the night because that is when they leave.

My friends and I went to a haunted house last week early in the night. Upon arrival, religious protestors jumped in front of us, telling us to turn around.

The protestors were carrying posters saying, “This is Satan’s house.” They were also carrying crosses and marching around, quoting the Bible to people in line.

They told us our souls were in danger and needed to be saved. Then, they proceeded to throw the Bible into my friend’s face and ask if she was a “God-fearing woman.”

At this point, the owner of the haunted house came out and told the customers in line to tell the protestors anything we wanted. Of course, the protestors just continued to pray that we would repent and walk away.

Now, this particular haunted house is known for some satanic rituals to scare customers; however, people go to haunted houses to be scared.

The protestors were telling us that we were aiding Satan by going into this haunted house.

I have friends that work at this haunted house, and they do not worship Satan. They work there because they are either aspiring makeup artists and like to do the makeup for the workers, or they have fun scaring people.

People like these religious fanatic protestors need to understand that haunted houses are meant for fun. They are not meant to worship Satan, but to have a good laugh at your friend when the creepy workers in the haunted house follow her out, tickling her.

Luckily, these religious fanatics do not stick around long. By ten o’clock, too many people are in line to get into the house and they usually go home. It also helps that the owners of the haunted house come out and encourage the crowds to avoid them.

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