Letter to the Editor: Article on gays highlights issue of acceptance

In response to “Loyola’s gay community maintains mixed feelings on their acceptance” from the Oct. 2

By Anthony J. Garrison-Engbrecht

Dear editor,

First, let me introduce myself. I am Anthony Garrison-Engbrecht, a Loyola University New Orleans alumnus and a proud supporter of all things Loyola. Second, I want to thank Leslie Gamboni for writing the article “Loyola’s gay community maintains mixed feelings on their acceptance.”

I believe that articles like this highlight issues of acceptance within higher education. In an era in which many people would say that there is a general level of tolerance at many universities, there are still issues of bullying, harassment and homophobia. It is great to hear Loyola student experiences and that there is a general sentiment of acceptance at the university. I know that when I was a student I was very welcomed as an openly gay man, and I appreciate all of those individuals (friends, staff, faculty and administration) who allowed me to flourish and become the person I am today. I now have the privilege of overseeing the LGBT Student Services Office at Loyola Marymount University, and I attribute much of my success to the support and guidance that I received as a student.

Go Wolfpack!


Anthony J. Garrison-Engbrecht, A’07