Letter From The Editor


Kevin Zansler



  The ability to balance work and play is a skill that every student learns to develop during their four years at college. We all look forward to those memorable weekends (or not so memorable, depending on the number of drinks) where we can let loose and party. For some of us, like Sherard Briscoe, partying can turn into a sweet nighttime gig (page 06).

However, it’s even more important to balance a good time with staying safe. Nightly reports are always informing us on local crimes, but it’s not enough to half-listen to them. A night out on the town shouldn’t be ruined because of carelessness (page 20).

We also need to be mindful of our finances (page 18). Some of us are just starting to manage our own money, and that can be tough. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has accidently overdrawn her account, a shameful act for someone whose mother is in the banking industry. Mom, one day I will learn to log in all my transactions.

In this issue, you will also see Loyola’s top 10 favorites from around the city (page 08) chosen by you. So sit back, relax and use this issue of the “Wolf” as a guide to plan your next great weekend. Stay fresh.