Quidditch team out but not down

Despite losing in this year’s World Cup Tournament, Loyola’s quidditch team is still hopeful about the future


Zach Brien

Etefia Umana, quidditch team captain makes a tackle during the team’s early season game against Tulane University. Umana and the team made history this season and finished the World Cup tournament 2-3.

Mark Robinson

This year’s Loyola quidditch team has accomplished something that no other has before it.

On April 11, the team got the chance to compete for a national title at the Quidditch World Cup in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where they advanced to the championship tournament, but came up short against three top-five ranked teams.

Overall, they finished tournament play with a 2-3 record.

Etefia Umana, a former Loyola student, said that coming into the tournament, the team wanted to establish a series of good habits and consistent play. He said that even though the team failed to win this year’s world championship, he is still impressed at their growth overall.

“Although we didn’t reach the goal I had for the team personally, we went further than any Loyola team has gone before, and it follows our pattern of improving every year,” Umana said.

Umana said that from day one he has watched each player blossom and contribute in a significant fashion.

Keevy Narcisse, history junior and the team’s head coach, said that this growth was apparent in freshman Andrew Brekus.

“All around, we’ve had guys step up in multiple situations. For me, Andrew Brekus has really stepped up as a chaser and a seeker in many ways for this team,” Narcisse said.

In his first season with the team, Brekus said he improved his field positioning and overcame the obstacle that the brooms present.

“The biggest adjustment is playing with the broom in between my legs. It’s the biggest source of ridicule from outsiders, but it is the biggest obstacle every newcomer has to overcome,” Brekus said.

Brekus said he also plans to gain more experience over the summer as well as put on more weight for competition.

Next year, team members hope to continue building on the momentum that they have established by adding new pieces.

“Everyone knows their role and when they need to step up as a leader. We welcome anyone on campus to come and join us. We have built a solid foundation for next year and years to come,” Narcisse said.