Super Bowl 50 is here

Ryan Micklin

Super Bowl 50 will feature the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos.

This will be the first time in NFL history which both starting quarterbacks were drafted no. 1 overall. The Panthers are the seventh team in NFL history to enter the Super Bowl with a record of 15-1. Of those previous six, only two have gone on to win.

Another record this Super Bowl produces is the 13 year age gap between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. Newton, quarterback for the Panthers, is 26-years-old while Manning, quarterback for the Broncos, is 39.

Additionally, Super Bowl 50 will pit Carolina’s top-ranked offense against Denver’s league-leading defense.

New Orleans native and former LSU offensive tackle Trai Turner has a chance to win a ring with the Carolina Panthers, and former Tulane cornerback Taurean Nixon will have a chance to win a ring with the Broncos in his first ever season in the NFL.

Manning is a native to New Orleans where is father Archie Manning used to play quarterback for the Saints.

The game will take place in Santa Clara, California at 5:30 p.m. Central on Feb. 7, and it will be airing on CBS.