Oct. 24, 1997: Broken elevators raise tempers rather than people


Cristian Orellana

Photo credit: Cristian Orellana

This article was written by Jocelyn Batiste on Oct. 24, 1997

As Yolanda Evans stepped onto the elevator to go to her room on the eighth floor, she saw a strange sign: “Do not push fifth floor of Buddig. If you do, you will get stuck. (signed) RA (resident assistant) on duty.”

This sign was nothing new for her.

“The elevator skips my floor every day,” said Evans, communications junior and Buddig Hall resident.

This sign was posted the day after Michelle Andrews, assistant director for Residential Life, assured The Maroon there were no problems with the elevators since their recent repairs.

Andrews said the elevators in Buddig were shut down because some parts needed to be replaced. She attributed the breakdown of the elevators in Biever Hall to vandals who allegedly kicked in the elevator doors.

Some students on campus said they are concerned about their safety on the elevators. As a result, many take the stairs.

“In Cabra, the doors don’t close. They get stuck and stay open,” said Veronica Marrero, communications sophomore and Buddig desk assistant.

Marrero said this causes problems for some disabled students since there is only one elevator in Cabra Hall.

“The elevators are old, but we do not need new ones,” Andrews said.

“It’s not my call,” said Mike Flannigan, elevator repairman from Schindler Elevator Service.

Flannigan said Schindler Elevators installs new elevators and repairs old ones for Loyola.

“Every elevator is basically the same,” he said. “The circuitry is different with each one, so if I can’t find it making a mistake, I can’t fix it… I have no idea what is causing it (to break down).”

He said he is not able to give any information on whether or not the university needs new elevators in the dorms or other buildings on campus. He said that decision is left up to the university.

David Pipes, history junior and Biever resident assistant, has never been trapped in Biever’s elevators, but he said the dorm needs new ones. Pipes also said the elevators in Marquette and Bobet halls are too slow to be efficient.

Flannigan disagreed.

“The elevators only go as fast as they are designed to go according to the height of the building,” he said. “Elevators require mechanical knowledge, electronic knowledge, every type of knowledge.”

“It’s not just an extension cord with a switch on it… I haven’t had the same problem twice in a row.”

Evans said she feels cheated by the elevators.

“I’m paying to ride, not walk,” she said. “We need new elevators.”