University Sports Complex and Athletic Department reopen


Loyola students social distance while using the USC’s basketball courts. Isabella Ramos runs on a treadmill while wearing a disposable mask. Requiring students to bring their own basketballs was one safety precaution the USC implemented this semester. Photo credit: Kadalena Housley

Shamaria Bell

When the University Sports Complex reopened in August, visitors were greeted by signs encouraging social distancing and mask wearing, but these were just a few changes the fitness center underwent to operate safely this semester.

The University Sports Complex stayed closed from March to August following the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ decision to cancel all summer practices.

Student athlete scholarships will stay intact and coaches will receive symptom awareness and social distancing training during athletic events. There will also be increased cleaning services in the athletics common areas, as well as self-cleaning resources for athletes.

Visitors will be required to wear masks at all times and no guests are allowed in the facility. Equipment and towel rentals will not be available and visitors are encouraged to bring their own yoga mats, towels, basketballs and other supplies.

The cardio equipment on the upper floor has been socially distanced and everyone is advised to sanitize the equipment before and after use. Group exercise classes will still be available with in-person class attendance being limited to 13 people, 12 participants and one instructor with masks required the entire time. Participants will be asked for their Campus Clear app and to present their student IDs to enter the facility. There will be virtual exercise classes on Facebook Live.

There have been occupancy changes to the locker rooms, swimming pool, weight rooms and aerobics rooms. There will only be three people per-lane in the swimming pool. Odd-numbered lanes will enter from the starting block side, and even-numbered lanes will enter from the bulkhead. 15 people will be allowed on the deck, and nine people will be allowed on the terrace with social distancing required. Those who will not be swimming will be required to wear a mask.