Board of Trustees to add new young member after SGA lobbying


Photo credit: Maria Paula Marino

Rose Wagner

The Board of Trustees has unanimously voted to add a new young alumni trustee member to its ranks, a major win for current SGA leaders who came into office this fall lobbying for more young people and student representation in board discussions.

Student Government Association President Freedom Richardson and Vice President Zontre City ran their campaign last year with a goal of pushing for a voting student trustee member on the university’s board.

The Board of Trustees meets four times a year to formulate and determine educational and financial policies.

Richardson is excited about the opportunity to get a younger voice into the room where decisions about students’ lives and futures are being made.

“Simply put— this was a historic win for our student body, because it alters significantly what the future of leadership looks like at Loyola. I’m eternally grateful to the board for their unanimous vote, and President Tetlow in her staunch support of
our endeavors,” Richardson said.

Richardson and City worked with university administrators and board members on the initiative. The new trustee will be a recent Loyola graduate with the same voting powers, privileges and travel accommodations that other board members are provided, according to SGA. More details about how the new trustee will be nominated and selected will be released in the spring.