Loyola partners with Holy Name of Jesus



Holy Name of Jesus seventh-graders get a lesson in broadcasting and try their hands at producing from Loyola’s state-of-the-art J. Michael Early Studio. Courtesy of Patricia Murret.

Loyola University New Orleans announced the university’s new partnership with the Holy Name of Jesus School and parish in a press release issued on Jan. 11. This partnership will benefit all three institutions by allowing them to share resources and facilities, but will primarily impact Loyola University and the Holy Name of Jesus School, according to the press release.  

From this point forward, they will no longer just share geography, but truly be partners in ministry and mission,” said the press release. 

Tania Tetlow, Loyola University’s president, said that both institutions have always been friendly, but a more formal partnership will allow for greater learning and teaching opportunities for both staff and students at either school. 

However both institutions will function independently and basic operations will not change drastically, according to the press release issued by the Holy Name of Jesus School

This partnership is about us working together, forging new opportunities for growth and sharing our God-given talents and resources to promote faith and learning,” said the press release. 

Kirsch Wilberg, principal of the Holy Name of Jesus School, agrees with the overall sentiment of collaboration. She said that students at Holy Name of Jesus School will have access to the technology available in Loyola’s scientific and communications departments, as well as the expertise provided by college level musical instructors. Wilberg said she believes these resources will be highly beneficial to young, developing minds. 

Tetlow and Wilberg both mentioned reduced tuition prices as a major benefit of this new partnership. Loyola staff who wish to send their children to Holy Name of Jesus School will receive a tuition discount, as will Holy Name of Jesus School staff if they wish to pursue higher education at Loyola. 

Additionally, Wilberg expressed excitement surrounding new work study opportunities for Loyola students at the Holy Name of Jesus School, specifically citing the opportunity for community building and inspiration of younger students. “We’re going to find [Loyola] students bringing something to our campus that we couldn’t even imagine,” Willberg said. “It’ll spark something in our kids that they may have never thought about.”

Members of the Holy Name of Jesus Parish are most passionate about the opportunity to support their Jesuit values through community building, according to Fr. Mark Thiboeaux of the Society of Jesus. Fr. Thiboeaux said that the Holy Name of Jesus Parish has expressed overwhelming support of this partnership, although it mainly impacts the two schools and not the Parish itself. 

Tetlow and Wilberg said that, while this partnership has only been formally discussed for the past 18 months, it’s a long time coming due to the informal friendship between the two schools. Tetlow further looks to the future with hope and positivity. 

“Now is a really good moment to find creative ways to work together because most of the time partnerships just make everyone better,” Tetlow said.