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Loyola offers Mardi Gras safety tips

Angelo Imbraguglio
The Krewe of Muses is an all-female krewe well known for their high heel throws. The high heels are a common trademark of Mardi Gras, and one that parade-goers strive to catch.

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, campus energy is running high with excitement and anticipation as students eagerly wait for the festivities to begin.

Although the big celebration occurs on Fat Tuesday, which is Feb. 13, parades have already begun. Parades, however, bring large crowds of people (many of whom are under the influence of alcohol), and a greater susceptibility to crime.

As Loyola students prepare for the Carnival season, Loyola University Police Department Lieutenant Patrick Martin provides students with advice on how they can remain safe during NOLA’s busiest season.

“First of all, drink in moderation,” Martin said, “Best thing to do is if you’re old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage to to take your time drinking it, and mixing water in between.”

Additionally, Martin emphasizes the importance of refraining from drinking and driving. With drinking often comes a lack of awareness and an increase in impulsivity, only escalating one’s chance of being a target for crime, he said.

Martin added that a common form of crime throughout Mardi Gras is theft.

“Pickpockets take advantage of people being in crowded situations,” Martin said.

According to Martin, pickpockets tend to use a bumping technique to take advantage of stealing items from back pockets. He advises to put items in your front pockets, or where front wearing bags to lower your chances of being stolen from.

Psychology junior Kruz Moss has attended many Mardi Gras parades in the past three years and suggests fellow students avoid parking along parade routes both due to potential theft and a heightened risk of damage to one’s car. ​​

“I will also recommend that people do not park along the parade routes because your car could get hit with beads … or simply, you’ll get robbed.” Moss said.

When it comes to walking and navigating crowds, Moss stays in large groups of friends, and advises other students to do the same.

“I wouldn’t think it’s safe to travel by yourself or just with another person,” Moss said.

Em Bay, New Orleans native and Loyola freshman, has celebrated Mardi Gras and attended parades since they were a child, going to the festivities for nearly 19 years. They recommend the same.

“I will never be in a group less than three,” Bay said. “Everyone says ‘one buddy system’ but then your buddy is in the bathroom while you’re out there by yourself. Always keep three.”

When it comes to traveling with friends, Martin, Bay, and Moss all advise utilizing cell phone locations to know where your friends and family are, should you get separated.

“Best thing I can say is use some type of tracking app,” Martin said.

Moss recommends iMessage location services or an app called Everbridge to ensure optimal safety in the event someone becomes lost or disjointed from the main group.

Martin further advises students to remain respectful and avoid conflict while in large crowds.

“Be neighborly,” Martin said. “When you’re in the crowd, it’s a great opportunity to experience the New Orleans community. Everybody’s friendly. It’s like going to an SEC football game; you’ll never go hungry. People will be your friend.”

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