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Gun legislation changes in Louisiana

Sunny Bedford
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New gun legislation that legalizes the concealed carry of a weapon without a permit has been sent to Louisiana State Governor Jeff Landry’s office for approval.

Currently, individuals with permits alone are legally allowed to carry a concealed weapon within the state of Louisiana.

The proposed law will allow eligible people to carry guns hidden in their clothing without having to pay for a government permit, having their fingerprints taken or completing a firearm training course — which are all currently required.

In response to the potential change in legislation, Director of Loyola University Police Department Todd Warren said, “Nothing will really change on campus. The reason being campus is a gun-free zone.”

Loyola policy and state law prohibit the possession of firearms on campus or the storage of firearms in vehicles parked on campus. Violation of such policy will subject the offender to potential suspension, expulsion, or criminal charges within the state.

Warren said that campus signs indicating that the university is a “gun-free zone” will likely be replaced in the fall if they have deteriorated, and students may also be sent a reminder of the campus policy on weapons.

Regarding changes that may occur off-campus as a result of the gun legislation, Warren said, “If I had my preference, I would want anybody carrying to be permitted.”

However, Warren also stated, “Historically, they [legislation legalizing concealed carry for permitless holders] have not caused any more shootings or conflicts.”

He referred to the same legislative change that occurred years prior in Texas.

“[Loyola] police chiefs had predicted that there would be an increase in confrontations, an increase in shootings, and there wasn’t,” he said. “I would suggest if they’re going to carry, that they go take a course anyway.”

With the number of car burglaries that take place near the city, Warren added, “And if they’re going to leave it in the car, I would recommend a lockbox in the car.”

Warren explained that the main concern with individuals leaving guns in cars is that, while he believes “most of the people that are going to be carrying are going to be your law-abiding folks,” if the gun is stolen, it is then in the possession of a criminal.

Pre-law and history freshman Abi Gallagher said, “I don’t really understand the argument behind that law. What could be a possible pro of letting a teenager concealed carry without a permit? I don’t see any upside to that.”

Considering how this might affect students on campus, Gallagher said concealed carry then makes the no-gun policy on campus really hard to enforce.

“It’s not like we do stop-and-frisks around campus,” she said.

Gallagher said that offering gun-safety courses within colleges may be beneficial. She referred to how lack of gun-safety knowledge often leads to accidents.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • D

    Diane MiglioreMar 15, 2024 at 9:17 am

    It’s not accidents if you don’t educate your children on gun safety. How do we know that ignorant parents don’t pay attention to the gun laws . Then we have children shooting children . I don’t believe in having guns in my household . I have seen to many kids being killed because of ignorance.

  • S

    Shannon GuilloryMar 15, 2024 at 7:00 am

    Jeff Landry is starting off to go start with the laws he is passing and coming out with it, pass time we get someone in office who believes in our American rights. Louisiana needs a change. Great job Jeff Landry keep up the good work. Those of you in a government position who has a problem with what he’s doing get out of office I’m tired of us Louisiana tex payers paying yall to do a job and yall can’t do it.