The race for Governor of Louisiana

Nicholas Morea

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The race toward who will be Louisiana’s next governor starts on Oct. 24. Governor Bobby Jindal will be unable to run so the republican party has two candidates in Scott Angelle and David Vitter. The democratic nominee is John Bel Edwards. The election takes place Oct. 24 and polling locations will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Voters can identify their polling locations by name, parish or address at

Voters must bring a valid ID to their polling location.

If you have questions, please contact 311 or the Registrar of Voters office at (504) 658-8300 or

Louisiana’s minority house leader Edwards discussed his stance of Governor Jindal and how he differs from the other nominees, “I’m the only candidate who doesn’t represent a Jindal third term – who stood up to him when it might have made a difference. All my opponents gave Bobby Jindal a passing grade. I gave him an F because I am being honest about how Louisiana got into the mess it’s in. I am also the only candidate with the record of proven, authentic leadership to move our state forward.”

Each candidate has their own take on higher education and workforce training,


“We need to ensure that our job growth is in sectors that our students are studying so that we can ensure job availability here at home. As we examine the $7 billion in tax incentives on the books and cap, sunset and repeal the portions that aren’t working we need to reinvest in attracting high paying, high skilled jobs to Louisiana so that our college graduates have more options.”


“When it comes right down to it, I trust the folks in Louisiana to make decisions regarding their children’s education far more than I trust the bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Parents, along with local teachers, principals, and education leaders in our communities, know best on how to spend our education tax dollars. That is why we should reduce the size and scope of the federal government in our classrooms, and return the decision-making of curriculum and the use of taxpayer dollars to those closest to the students.”

Scott Angelle

“We cannot afford to leave higher education in limbo any longer. While universities must be fiscally responsible and stretch every dollar they receive, we cannot expect world-class colleges and universities with below-average funding.”

“The future of Louisiana higher education must be stable, strong and optimistic for Louisiana to build an excellent workforce and keep our best and the brightest here at home.”

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