Loyola replaces Blackboard with Canvas


Gabriella Killett

Loyola is changing its learning management system to Canvas beginning Fall 2020, as the university’s three-year contract with Blackboard expires in October, according to Vice Provost Carol Ann MacGregor.

MacGregor said representatives from Blackboard, D2L and Canvas, which is the interface used on Tulane’s campus, presented the benefits of their systems via Zoom to a university committee last week in an effort to incentivize a final decision.

“The committee was impressed by Canvas’ intuitive interface, mobile functionality, and many features that will support interactive learning and student success,” MacGregor said in an email sent out to faculty.

The committee, which discussed calling the evaluation off upon the emergence of COVID-19, planned to meet in mid-March but had since postponed their meeting due to the university’s switch online. Despite complications and change in plans, MacGregor said faculty are excited about the potential of Canvas.

“Things that take three clicks in Blackboard take one click in these other solutions, so people are very excited about some of the possibilities,” MacGregor said before the final decision had been made.

The committee is composed of two faculty members from each of the university’s colleges, the university’s online learning team, the executive director of online education, faculty from both the IT and finance departments and an SGA representative.

Although most faculty teaching this summer will continue to use Blackboard, others will use Canvas to work out any issues before August, the email said. The faculty will participate in an official training with Canvas June 8-11, according to the email.

“We are truly excited to share this far superior product with our students and to see you use it to enhance their learning,” MacGregor wrote in the email.