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‘eternal sunshine’: Ariana Grande turns heartbreak into gold with her most personal album yet

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Ariana Grande is no stranger to the spotlight, but over time, she’s gotten good at playing it. Unlike the average person, Grande has experienced her fair share of personal traumas under the scrutiny of the public eye. From the tragic terrorist attack during her 2017 Manchester concert to the heartbreaking loss of her ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, along with navigating through a failed engagement and marriage, Grande has continuously faced public scrutiny throughout her career.

Whether concerning her appearance, relationships, or career, Grande has consistently been the subject of intense scrutiny on social media. Recently, following her divorce from realtor Dalton Gomez and the revelation of her new relationship with Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, Grande found herself labeled as a “homewrecker” by the press.

The brilliance of Ariana Grande’s fifth studio album, 2019’s “thank u, next,” lies in her honest response to the public discourse surrounding her at the time. The titular song and tracks like, “ghostin,” showcased Grande’s willingness to delve into personal experiences, even mentioning four of her ex-boyfriends by name. This raw honesty, combined with the album’s relatable charm, resonated deeply with fans, solidifying Grande’s status as a leading figure in pop music.
In a social media video capturing a meeting with her record label, Grande mentioned using the “thank u, next formula” for her latest record “eternal sunshine.” What sets both of these albums as her best records is their remarkable emotional depth and unfiltered honesty.

The album opens with a question: “How can I tell if I’m in the right relationship?” This serves as the overarching theme of the record with Grande navigating her journey toward finding the answer. On tracks like “bye” and “don’t wanna break up again,” she delves into the universal struggle of being torn between wanting to stay in a toxic relationship or breaking free.

In the titular track, paying homage to the 2004 Jim Carrey movie, Grande expresses wanting to wipe her mind to erase the painful memories of her divorce. In the haunting track “supernatural,” Grande delves into the overwhelming nature of new love, likening it to a form of possession.

In “true story” and “the boy is mine,” Grande showcases one of her many strengths, crafting seductive and captivating R&B melodies. Following the viral leak of the track “fantasize” last summer, Grande responded by releasing a reworked version for her fans. The new rendition undoubtedly surpasses the original, delivering an even more addictive listening experience.

In “imperfect for you” and “ordinary things,” Grande reaches a sense of resolution. She emphasizes the beauty of imperfection in all relationships. In the final seconds of “ordinary things,” her Nonna teaches her a valuable lesson by advising her to never end the day without sharing a goodnight kiss with her partner. This simple gesture solidifies Grande’s understanding of the true essence of love.

Overall, “eternal sunshine” stands out as one of Ariana Grande’s finest albums to date. Through raw honesty, emotional depth, and profound relatability, Grande delivered a compelling narrative that authentically portrays her story. This album is undeniably a masterpiece, deserving a perfect rating.

5 out of 5 stars.

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