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Good-bye Hornets, Hello Pelicans

Student opinions on switch from Hornets to Pelicans
New Orleans Hornets forward Anthony Davis drives against Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol during a game in Los Angeles Tuesday, Aril 9. The team has played their last season as the Hornets, as they have now made the official switch to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Q: What do you think of the name change?

“I think it’s great. The Hornets are terrible and the city and team need to rebrand.” – Charles LaRock, mass communication senior

“Logo’s nice, just the name is kind of wack.” -Piero Ramirez, general studies business freshman

“I think it’s cool that the team represents Louisiana’s state bird, and their team colors blend well.”- Paul Valasquez, psychology sophomore

“Although I don’t follow the NBA in depth, I think the ‘pelican’ is a better symbol for Louisiana sports than the Hornets.” – Alex Kneib, history pre-law sophomore

“I’m not a fan of the switch. I think the Pelicans are a horrible mascot choice and the colors being used are too boring and overused by sports teams.”- Stevie Forget, music industry sophomore

“I think that the name “Pelicans” is less menacing, so to speak. I don’t think anyone is going to fear the Pelicans. The logo is nice though.”- Devin Stevens, international business freshman

“It’s awesome. The Hornets made no sense whatsoever.” -Remi Pierre Sorbet, mass communication freshman

“I like it.” – Joshua Randle, music industry sophomore

“I really do not care for the name. But I guess they will have a mascot that will actually match the team name which is rare in the NBA.” – Sam Hill, business sophomore

“I think pelicans are much less intimidating than hornets. More importantly, I like the Honey Bees, so what the heck are they going to be called now? Nothing attractive-sounding comes to mind when I think about pelicans. I guess you can call your team the Maggots if you paid to own it, though.” – Thomas Slack, physics senior

“The Hornets haven’t been that great, compared to the Saints at least. So maybe the new logo, new mascot, new locker room, new uniforms will light the fire under them.” – Taylor Burns, environmental science sophomore 

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