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Students struggle to find parking

Sophia Renzi
Reserved parking sign in one parking garage on campus.

Traffic was backed up across the Loyola campus as students and staff returned for the first day of the semester. Now, nearly halfway through the semester, frustration with parking availability remains rampant among students on campus.

On Aug. 21, Assistant Director of Support Services, Rachel Bobadilla sent an email to students, faculty, and staff informing them that two days later, parking permits would be enforced due to the challenges faced on the first day. Last year, the grace period before enforcing parking passes was two weeks longer, not beginning until Sept. 7, 2022.

Even with enforced parking, students are still frustrated with the situation.

Journalism sophomore Alle Givens said last semester, she had no issues getting a parking pass and the process was simple. This year, however, it wasn’t so easy.

“I ended up getting a parking pass but it was like this whole process. It took a very long time for it to go through. And the whole time, I was worried about getting a ticket or being fined,” Givens said.

Junior psychology student Tessa Valcarcel commutes from her house to Loyola’s campus each day. She said she still struggles to find parking in the garages at times, even with the enforcement and having a pass.

“Some days when I don’t want to find parking, I’ll just wait and I’ll walk,” Valcarcel said.

Not only does the lack of parking affect Valcarcel’s choice to drive to campus, but it also caused her to adjust her schedule so she could be on campus early enough to find parking before it’s all filled.

“I now have to get [to school] early and then either sit in my car or find somewhere to hang out on campus before class,” Valcarcel said.

The possibility of not finding a parking spot and having to park on the street is one Givens said she wishes wasn’t a reality.

“I don’t want to pay that much money for a parking pass so if I’m going to pay it, I better be able to park,” Givens said.

Parking passes for on-campus students are $400 and commuters are $340 for the 2023-24 year, according to Parking Services.

Givens said without being able to park in the garages, students are forced to resort to street parking on surrounding streets, which easily become crowded and unsafe.

“It’s frustrating because there’s no other option really. There’s nowhere else to park unless you’re parking on the street but that’s just not safe,” Givens said.

In an email on Aug. 15 by Chief Operations Officer and Senior Vice President of Finance, Carol Markowitz said they would be providing less parking for non-Loyola community members.

Still, providing parking at all for non-Loyola students or faculty is something Givens feels is not right when not enough parking for such is available.

“Loyola students should be prioritized. We’re the ones that are paying tuition to come so if you can’t provide parking that we’re asking for and we’re paying for, I think that’s an issue,” Givens said.

Parking Services did not respond after several calls and emails for this story.

Maria DiFelice, Mabel Regalado-Hernandez, and Frankie Estevas also contributed to this story.

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